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Full text of "Interim report of Select Committee on Land Expropriation : November 22, 1961"

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NOV 1986 


November 22, 1961 



XO 7? 

F. M. Cass, Q. C. , Chairman 

H. E. Beckett, Q. C 

Joseph M. Gould, Q. C 

Allan Grossman, C. L. U 

G. W. Innes 

Charles E. Janes 

L. Letherby 

E. P. Morningstar 

W. G. Noden 

G. W. Parry 

Leo Troy 

S. E. Fennell, Q. C 

A. R. Dick 


York East 


St. Andrew 


Lambton East 

Simcoe East 


Rainy River 

Kent West 


Counsel to the Committee 

Secretary to the Committee 

To The Honourable Parliament Buildings, 

The Legislative Assembly of Toronto, Ontario 

The Province of Ontario. November 22, 1961 

Honourable Members: 

On Friday, April 8th, I960, 
during the First Session of the Twenty- sixth Legislature it was 
moved, seconded and duly carried by this House that a Select Com- 
mittee be appointed consisting of Messrs. Cass (Chairman), 
Beckett ( Vice-Chairman) , Gould, Grossman, Innes, Janes, Letherby, 
Morningstar, Noden, Parry and Troy to review the laws of Ontario 
respecting expropriation and compensation and to make recommen- 
dations thereon to this House. 

On Tuesday, November 22nd, 
1961, during the Second Session of the Twenty-sixth Legislature, 
this Select Committee submitted an Interim Report in which the work 
of the Committee was reviewed and in which a request was made that 
the term of the Committee be extended to permit further investigation 
and study to be made. This request was granted by an order of this 
House dated Thursday, March 23rd, 1961. 

At the time of the last Interim Re- 
port the Committee had received submissions from forty-five or- 
ganizations and individuals with approximately fifty attendances 
having been made by various representatives upon the Committee. 
Since the date of that report, several weeks have been spent by the 
Committee in holding public hearings across Ontario while another 
week was utilized in making an inspection trip to other American and 
Canadian jurisdictions . 

Public meetings have been held in 
Toronto, Ottawa, North Bay, Port Arthur, Chatham, Waterloo and 
St. Catharines. Notice of these meetings was advertised in the local 
newspapers on two separate occasions and over one thousand in- 
dividual notices were mailed to persons who had indicated an interest 
in the subject, including municipalities. As a result of these meetings 
the Committee has received over seventy further submissions for its 
consideration. The Committee has investigated and reviewed pro- 
cedures for the acquisition of land under the laws of California, British 
Columbia, Alberta, Canada and the United Kingdom with attendances 
upon government departments, municipal representatives, public 
utility representatives and revision commissioners in some of these 
jurisdictions. The submissions received and the information obtained 

2 - 

have introduced the Committee to concepts and principles which have 
not, to its knowledge, been utilized in Ontario. These hearings and 
investigations were completed by mid-summer and in the interval 
consideration has been given to the merits of the recommendations 
and suggestions which have been received and which are presently 
represented by over one hundred briefs, each with varying approaches 
to the same problems. 

While it might be possible to make 
our recommendations at this time, the great number of submissions 
that were received at the public meetings appears to warrant the de- 
tailed study of the Committee so that our report may reflect as much 
as possible the constructive views expressed before us. We would, 
therefore, respectfully request that the existence of the Committee 
be further extended by the Legislature to permit the completion of 
the work of the Committee. 

orningstar V\ 

E. P. M< 


G. W. PaVry